Definitions for "Gauntlets"
Keywords:  gloves, birman, armored, cat, mitten
Gauntlets are essentially armored gloves, typically constructed of metal (though they may on occasion be of hard leather) and fashioned in a variety of ways.
The white glove-like markings on the legs of some cats. (eg. Birman) Also called "Socks" and "Gloves".
dress gloves that came just above the wrist. White was the most popular, but also came in many colors. Ladies in the 1950's wouldn't leave home with out them.
Keywords:  hock, hind, tapering, flash, towards
Flash on back of hind feet, extending towards hock, tapering to a point.
Long fitted sleeve-like arm decoration that cover the forearm.
Keywords:  armour, alone, scale, plate, leather
Hand armour, which was made of leather, leather covered with mail or scale or made completely of plate alone.