Definitions for "Hind"
A spotted food fish of the genus Epinephelus, as Epinephelus apua of Bermuda, and Epinephelus Drummond-hayi of Florida; -- called also coney, John Paw, spotted hind.
any of several mostly spotted fishes that resemble groupers
A domestic; a servant.
A peasant; a rustic; a farm servant.
A farm laborer
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The female of the red deer, of which the male is the stag.
Mature female red deer.
Hind is a lunar impact crater that lies to the southeast of the Hipparchus walled plain, and due east of Halley crater. The rim of Hind crater is relatively free of wear and distortion, except for a break at the north rim. The floor of Hind is relatively uneven, however, compared to the interior of Halley.
In the rear; -- opposed to front; of or pertaining to the part or end which follows or is behind, in opposition to the part which leads or is before; as, the hind legs or hind feet of a quadruped; the hind man in a procession.
located at or near the back of an animal; "back (or hind) legs"; "the hinder part of a carcass"
Hind was a computer game released by Digital Integration Ltd in 1997 for DOS and Windows 95.