Definitions for "Haik"
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A large piece of woolen or cotton cloth worn by Arabs as an outer garment.
Moroccan (Melia - Tunesian) - A wrapped garment from North Africa that is worn over a fitted dress, narrow khaftan or tunic and pants. This garment is held in place at the shoulders by a pair of pins called fibula that are connected by decorative and embellished chains. The haik is wrapped around the body several times and then is held at the waist or hips by a belt.
(Arabic) Arab woman's outer garment for the head and body
Keywords:  hayk, haig, khorene, armens, armenian
traditional veil
Haik (Õ€Õ¡ÕµÕ¯, also transliterated as Hayk or Haig) is the legendary patriarch and founder of the first Armenian nation. His story is told in an epic, taken down from oral tradition by Moses of Khorene in the fifth century AD. In the epic, Haik is a chieftain of the Armens, an Armenian tribe, and leads them against the invading forces of Bel of Babylon.
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a black outfit that covers a woman from head to toe