Definitions for "Poncho"
A kind of cloak worn by the Spanish Americans, having the form of a blanket, with a slit in the middle for the head to pass through. A kind of poncho made of rubber or painted cloth is used by the mounted troops in the United States service.
A blanketlike cloak having a hole in the center for the head. - Designed to keep the body dry during rain, they are used now to look fashionable, loose and comfortable, ..
Ponchos are the blanket-like garments worn like a cloak by the Andean indiginous population. The wool garments were woven like blankets, but with a slit in the middle for the persons head. There are no sleeve holes. The sleeveless garment worn for warmth by the Incan and other Andean people. It was worn by children and adults of both genders. In English, 'poncho" is often used to mean a water-prrof garments styled like the Andean poncho, but with a hood. Ponchos are popular with many experienced backpackers and utility cannot be denied.
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a good idea for those rainy days
a great cover up for the mango tank
a great idea, but I just wore those big coat/cardigans if I went out for my physio
insecticide; active ingredient: clothianidine; main applications: seed treatment for corn, canola, sugar beet, cereals
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a sort of peripatetic tarp , and it has many of the tarp's virtues
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A trade name for camlets, or stout worsteds.
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There may be times when you REALLY wish you had brought one