Definitions for "Hauberk"
Keywords:  tunic, haubergeon, armor, shirt, armour
A coat of mail; especially, the long coat of mail of the European Middle Ages, as contrasted with the habergeon, which is shorter and sometimes sleeveless. By old writers it is often used synonymously with habergeon. See Habergeon.
A mail shirt reaching to somewhere between mid-thigh and the knees. Most often, it included sleeves, either half-length sleeves (reaching to the elbow) or full-length sleeves, (reaching to the wrist), although there were versions that were sleeveless. Sometimes , the term refers to similarly shaped garments made with scale.  Related: Birnie (Byrnie) and haubergeon.
Mail coat. (Prestwich, Michael. Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages: The English Experience, 347) Armour of chain mail in the shape of a tunic to protect the body. (Waugh, Scott. England in the Reign of Edward III, 238) Mail shirt covering the body as far as the knees, the arms ending in mittens, and with a hood for the head. (Wise, Terence. Medieval Warfare, 249) Related terms: Armor / Haubergeon / Habergeon