Definitions for "VIRTUES"
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Aristotle defined a virtue as "an habitual disposition to act well". A virtue is a character trait that motivates a person to act in patterns that achieve the good.
Attributes, morals or ethics.
Sikhs have five moral evils that are traits in themselves and that they try to overcome. They do this by practising the eight virtues: gyan (wisdom), niaon (justice), santokh (temperance), himmat (courage), sat (truthful living), dhiraj (patience), sabar (contentment) and namarta (humility).
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. Certain abstentions.
The magikal potency or efficacy of herbs, stones, animals, and other things impressed upon them through the stars at the time of their creation by the deities.
Magickal properties of objects like herbs, stones, and creatures as was assigned to them during their divine creation.
Virtue is the qualitative essence of being human that transcends instinct or even temperament. Through spiritual growth various capacities and qualities come into being which are a gift share shared with us from the Divine Nature.
Another name for the Angelic Choir operating in the world of Yetzirah From Wand to Water, Elemental
Group from 80s portraying convent novices. Each was named after one of the seven virtues.
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See merits.
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See “ten good characteristics.