Definitions for "Choir"
Keywords:  chancel, singer, nave, chorus, sing
A band or organized company of singers, especially in church service.
That part of a church appropriated to the singers.
A group of singers who assist in the celebration of the liturgy. They may be either in the chancel or in some other part of the church; also, the part of the church where the choir sits.
A segment within a congregation comprising members in the same life situation. To promote Christian growth and lifestyle, most congregations were divided into the choirs of Children, Little Boys, Little Girls, Older Boys, Older Girls, Single Brothers, Single Sisters, Married People, Widows, and Widowers. In Moravian communities the Single Brothers, Single Sisters, and Widows lived, worshiped, and worked together in their respective choir houses.
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a rare shining light in the rapidly growing darkness that is the HIV/AIDS CRISIS in South Africa
a group of people with different personalities and backgrounds where as a director I am often expected to keep peace and balance, provide advice, clarify arguments
a group of voices
a family of similar musical instrument playing together