Definitions for "Sanctus"
Keywords:  preface, hymn, acclamation, holy, sung
A part of the Mass, or, in Protestant churches, a part of the communion service, of which the first words in Latin are Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus [Holy, holy, holy]; -- called also Tersanctus.
Hymn beginning 'Holy, holy, holy'. Bell in turret at junction of nave and chancel.
one of the acclamations of the Latin Mass, and is associated with its Eucharistic phase; the fourth sung item of the Ordinary. It is sung by the choir at the conclusion of the Preface, and just before the Canon. It is one of the oldest sections of the Mass, added to the Liturgy before the fifth century. Originaly probably having a single melody for all uses, during the tenth and eleventh centuries other melodies were composed for this text. [DGS
Keywords:  anthem, composed, words
An anthem composed for these words.