Definitions for "Protestantism"
The quality or state of being protestant, especially against the Roman Catholic Church; the principles or religion of the Protestants.
A new religion powered by Martin Luther (1500) a German, based on human reasoning and supposedly claiming Christ as its head, it does away with all saints, authority, the Blessed Virgin, statues, images and prints it own custom bibles based on personal interpretation. It does away with everything that Christ has proposed for his religion and has transformed religion to a state which is pleasing to man but not to God. Today Protestantism includes hundreds of Churches, sects and cults like Calvinists & Lutherans and is still dividing. There are more than 28,000 different types of churches today. The word Protestant comes from protest - to go against. Protestantism will end abruptly with the Second coming of Christ.
This word has many overlapping definitions: A grouping of thousands of Christian denominations that trace their history back to the Protestant Reformation, and the split with the Roman Catholic church over the authority of the pope, the grounds for salvation, the status of the Bible, and the priesthood of all believers. A Christian denomination that is not Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or the Anglican Communion. This is the definition that we generally use on our web site. A Christian denomination that is neither Roman Catholic nor Eastern Orthodox.