Definitions for "Pope"
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Any ecclesiastic, esp. a bishop.
The bishop of Rome, the head of the Roman Catholic Church. See Note under Cardinal.
A parish priest, or a chaplain, of the Greek Church.
"Pope" is a recitation for unaccompanied voice, composed by Juan Maria Solare. It is based on text by Alfred Edward Housman.
Any dream in which you see the Pope, without speaking to him, warns you of servitude. You will bow to the will of some master, even to that of women. To speak to the Pope, denotes that certain high honors are in store for you. To see the Pope looking sad or displeased, warns you against vice or sorrow of some kind.
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English poet and satirist (1688-1744)
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A fish; the ruff.
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a prisoner onto the Chruch to protect the deposit of faith
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a man, nothing more