Definitions for "Times"
a "hovel of leftist casuistry"
a large paper in our area
a leftist feeling looking for an editorial position
a big newspaper with a big budget and could afford pretty much any columnists they wanted
a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles California and distributed throughout the western United States
a lousy newspaper with poor reporting standards
Keywords:  droll, pablo, envy, marvelous, tango
a dance critic and had many droll, funny things to say about The Tango Lesson , particularly her own envy at watching me dance with someone as marvelous as Pablo
a thing of beauty
Keywords:  disinformation, fountain
a fountain of disinformation
a dazzling example of the left's approach to foreign policy -- timorous, craven and ultimately concerned about all the wrong issues
an example of such condemnation
an example of why I believe that
Keywords:  trope, partisan, ignorant
an ignorant partisan trope
Keywords:  lol, dont, truly, muslim, quarterly
a quarterly publication put together by volunteers from local high school and college muslim student associations
a small publication, lol Common knowledge is unless the test conditions were the same, even it was the same magazine, they dont mean much
a supplement to publications that
Keywords:  neocons, hatchet, sponsor, serious, job
a bi-monthly news and features publication that is open to a single sponsor per issue
a serious hatchet job sponsored by the neocons
an indication, the abuse of declassification may finally become the talk of pundits
a major tendsetter in the authoritarian media culture
Keywords:  overhaul, sister, weak, needs
a weak sister or needs an overhaul
Keywords:  frustrating, experience
a frustrating experience
a special issue on fall gardens including articles on "Essentials for the tool
a very interesting article on how Microsoft leverages piracy to their benefit
a must - I'm sure many of you have already peaked at it due in part to MAN's amazing investigative reporting
Keywords:  scandal, rag, dying, good, case
a good case in point
a good example of a dying scandal rag
Keywords:  plethora, asia, china, thoughts, center
a plethora of thoughts on Asia, with China at the center
a great barometer for pegging the demographic
Keywords:  referential, echo, chamber, self
a self-referential echo chamber
an excellent resource for current and historical data on queer LA
Old way of stating the amount of a play. A time is equal to $5.
an arithmetic operation that is the inverse of division; the product of two numbers is computed; "the multiplication of four by three gives twelve"; "four times three equals twelve"
Keywords:  punished, guy, did, story, short
a short story about a guy who did just that, and is now being punished for it
Keywords:  circumstances, ideas, behind, age
the circumstances and ideas of the present age; "behind the times"; "in times like these"
Keywords:  shop, union, non
a non-union shop
Keywords:  teacher, piece, see
a piece that every teacher should see