Definitions for "Arab"
One of a swarthy race occupying Arabia, and numerous in Syria, Northern Africa, etc.
people who speak Arabic and believe in the existence of an Arab nation, e.g. Palestinians, Syrians, Jordanians
a person whose language is Arzb ic, who lives in an Arzb ic speaking country, who is in sympathy with theaspirations of the Aab ic speaking peoples
A person whose ethnic or national background is from an Arab country. Approximately 15 percent of Muslims in the world are Arabs.
any Muslim, especially the radical non-Arab states: Iran, Pakistan, the Sekizi Memleket. Hadid as-Sulaf-- a Southern author who thought all existing systems so corrupt that it was an act of mercy to work for their destruction.
and Islamic -- The terms aren't interchangeable. Many Arabs, particularly in the U.S., are Christian, and a number of Muslim states (including Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan) are not Arab.
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Socialist Union ASU. The mass organization created in 1971 to provide a framework for popular participation and representation within the political system. Reorganized in 1975 to include the local-level Basic Popular Congresses (BPCs) and the intermediates-level Municipal Popular Congresses, (MPCs) both of which send delegated to the national General People's Congress (GPC-- q.v.); organization was disbanded in January 1976. Not to be confused with the Egyptian political organization of the same name.
The Arab was a high performance English automobile designed by Reid Railton and manufactured in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, between 1926 and 1928.
an individualist to the marrow of his bone and never accepts the position of an automaton which could work ungrudgingly at the gesture of his master
a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia
A particular horse breed. There are numerous contests that are organized specifically for the pure Arab breed. France is one of the only countries that continues to select purebred Arab horses for their form.
a full human being physically and spiritually
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a regional classification
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abbreviation for 'Arabian'
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a pretty good one too
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Short for Arabian