Definitions for "Cutaway"
The section of an instrument body that is designed for reaching higher frets over the body. The body of such an instrument appears to have been "cut away" to provide access to the fingerboard.
the section of the guitar body which has been cut away to allow better access to the higher part or register of the fingerboard.
This term describes any area removed from the "normal" contour of an acoustic guitar to allow easier access to the upper frets. This tends to take place on the side of the neck towards the high-E string, and typically gives you easier access to the next five to seven frets.
a man's coat cut diagonally from the waist to the back of the knees
A men’s long coat with skirts tapering from the front waistline to form tails at the back. For formal or very formal weddings.
A formal coat also known as the morning suit. Usually a dark grey coat worn traditionally in the morning for weddings. Now can be worn anytime during the day.
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A sudden shift to another scene of action or different viewing angle; or a shot inserted between scenes to effect a transition (as a bridging shot).
6,7,8,9,10 A drawing or model of something with part of its outside removed to give a view of the inside.
A shot which shows us something that was not featured in the previous shot, but is somehow relevant to it. A useful device for separating two very similar shots or for creating a visual break.
an illustration showing an object with a section cut out or with an outer casing partially cut away to reveal internal parts.
A cutaway, in the industrial sense, refers to the display of a manufactured product, (an engine, a pump, a regulator, etc. . .) where a portion of the exterior housing has been removed to reveal the internal components, (pistons, bearings, seals, etc. . .) and their relationship to the functionality of the product. To see examples of various product cutaways, you can visit the websites of cutaway specialty companies, such as CalCo Cutaways.
A somersault in the air, usually over an obstacle, that ends in a back-breakfall position. Also known as "somersault with no-one there" and "handstand without hands" Return to the top
A short break in network programming for local stations to promote an upcoming program, identify the station, or give the time, weather, etc.
1. adj. of or pertaining to a device with material removed or a transparent cover to expose and demonstrate a mechanism or feature 2. n. any cutaway product
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Having a part cut off or away; having the corners rounded or cut away.
() A drawing of an object as if part of it were cut away to show the inside.