Definitions for "Spencer"
Keywords:  gaff, fore, aft, hoisted, boom
A fore-and-aft sail, abaft the foremast or the mainmast, hoisted upon a small supplementary mast and set with a gaff and no boom; a trysail carried at the foremast or mainmast; -- named after its inventor, Knight Spencer, of England [1802].
A fore-and-aft sail, set with a gaff and no boom, and hoisting from a spencer-mast.
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A short jacket worn by men and by women.
For women, a kind of short jacket. For men, an overcoat without tails, also on the short side.
very short waisted jacket worn over women's empire dresses.
Relative, real or honorary, of Rodney Goodman. The kid might have a dad with a face of putty, a psycho mom and a ditzy sister with a poor taste in boys, but his uncle sure knows how to pick a birthday present. Unfortunately, now that Veronica has stolen Rodney's thank you card, Spencer will never know how much Rodney liked his bike in 2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner."
Spencer is a Java-based, web-hosted filesystem indexing application. It indexes files on network shares, reads inside MSOffice, Open/StarOffice, PDF and zip files and provides a web interface to the index with search functions to find the file you want.
English philosopher and sociologist who applied the theory of natural selection to human societies (1820-1903)
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One who has the care of the spence, or buttery.
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a city located in Clay County, Iowa