Definitions for "Falls"
Keywords:  petal, iris, drooping, whorl, outer
an iris' outer, pendulous petal segments.
The outer whorl of petals of an iris flower, often broader than the inner petals and often drooping or flexuous.
the drooping or reflexed parts of the outer whorl of the perianth in iris
a vertical drop in a stream or river; sometimes a reference to the broken water of a rapid or shoal: Bridal Veil Falls, Rutledge Falls, Foster Falls.
a major drop where the river plunges steeply over rocks or broken riverbed
a steep descent of the water of a river
Keywords:  lifeboat, davits, tackle, ropes, lower
The ropes used to lower a lifeboat from the davits.
Ropes and tackle for lowering the lifeboats.
Meteorites that have been seen by eyewitnesses to strike the Earth.
This category includes injuries from falls. E codes specify the type of fall involved, for example: fall from steps/stairs, ladder, building, cliff, furniture.
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a great day trip from Toronto
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a most enjoyable place of resort