Definitions for "Hard drive"
Keywords:  gigabytes, platters, drive, hdd, disk
This is where all the data in your computer is stored. It is where all your files and folders are physically located. A typical hard drive is only slightly larger than your hand, yet it can hold over 30 GB of data.
a direct-access storage device (PC - Hard drive is drive c:/)
A magnetic disk which holds information. Usually measured in gigabytes. Several large disks can be combined to work together, and yield an effective hard drive measured in terabytes.
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a ferarri, and a tape backup is a school bus
an ideal solution for fast booting and backup
a crucial and delicate piece of hardware that can sometimes arrive non-functional, so I would pay the extra and buy it from a retail outlet so that it can easily be returned instead of sending it by mail or by using a courier service
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an expression of the Nietzsche's will for power
a must, flash memory is a thing of the past, it is so inefficient
a piece of non-volatile memory
a convenient and affordable solution
a reasonable short-term solution, but for the long run, you're better off with some kind of reliable removable media
an especially expensive part in this market because it never gets any cheaper once it reaches a price point
an excellent choice for demanding applications, workstations, network file servers and enterprise servers
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a trademark shown to increase
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a little more complex
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a lot like a record that you play on a record player
an option which you can add
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an investment