Definitions for "Bulletin board"
Keywords:  post, reply, comment, message, forum
A wall hanging unit upon which information or messages are attached; a thin board, often of cork, hung on a wall for the attachment of public announcements.
a means of electronic communication where users can log in and leave messages for others.
Electronic version of a noticeboard; bulletin board programs allow people to leave, read and response to messages and are typically used for interest groups on specific topics and in distance learning courses. Teaching terms that begin with the letter: A
(BBS) - A computerized meeting and announcement system that allows people to carry on discussions, upload and download files, and make announcements without the people being connected to the computer at the same time.
(BBS): A computer system which can be called using a modem.
A private telecommunications utility, generally regional in nature or run from a regional or specific perspective. Usually no fee, no customer support. Usually set up by a personal computer hobbyist for the enjoyment of other hobbyists. (Similar to public online service, commercial on-line service.)
An electronic information and data transfer service that can be accessed through the telecommunications network from any computer terminal configured with a modem and telecommunication software.
Keywords:  inmarsat, tdm, mini, mes, packet
A data packet transmitted in each frame of a TDM channel which contains information about the status of the Inmarsat B/M, mini-M and C network configurations and the current frame number, used by the MES as a timing reference.
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the exercise yard at the Graybar Hotel
Keywords:  clutter, great, poems, advice, builder
a great idea
a great place to display children's drawings and poems, and eliminate some paper clutter
a great place to take part in online dating
an unlimited source of updated relevant content, especially once it buzzes with activity
Keywords:  nice, sewing, space, addition
a nice addition to any sewing space
Keywords:  testers, fans, ground, come, notes
a common ground where testers and fans can come together to compare notes
an interactive or bidirectional service that cannot currently be offered through cable television transmissions
Keywords:  lot, sounds
a lot like it sounds
Keywords:  pins, child, identity, notes, space
a child's own space, where one pins up notes of one's own identity
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a new, cutting-edge way to conduct market research with busy people like you
Companies can store private or public files .