Definitions for "Kimberlite"
An uneven grained, ultramafic, intrusive rock in which the visible minerals may include olivine, phlogopite, pyrope garnet, picroilmenite and chrome-diopside cemented by a groundmass, which may include serpentine, calcite and chromate. Kimberlite may be diamondiferous and, along with olivine lamproites, are the only know primary source of diamonds.
is an magmatic rock that occurs in ancient volcanic pipes. The rock is most famous as host of diamonds, although not all Kimberlites contain diamonds. Diamondiferous imberlite occurs on ancient, Precambrean terranes, like the Baltic Shield and in Yakutia.
A variety of peridotite that is found in volcanic pipes which are thought to be intrusions from the upper mantle. Many diamond deposits are found in kimberlite pipes.