Definitions for "Encore"
Once more; again; -- used by the auditors and spectators of plays, concerts, and other entertainments, to call for a repetition of a particular part.
A call or demand (as, by continued applause) for a repetition; as, the encores were numerous.
To call for a repetition or reappearance of; as, to encore a song or a singer.
Encore is the alias of Sabine Ohmes, a vocalist from South Germany, who had studied French and performs in French. She got her moniker after her debut as the vocalist on the Sash! track Encore Une Fois, which reached number 2 in the UK.
Encore is a 1996 comedy-drama film by French director Pascal Bonitzer. The film follows the mid-life crisis of a university professor, played by Jackie Berroyer. The film also stars Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Laurence Côte, Natacha Régnier, and Hélène Fillières.
Encore' is Australia’s leading film and television production news service. They are also the publishers of The Encore Reader: A Chronicle of New Drama. This volume embodies both the virtues and the failings of the movement it examines.
Encore is a scorewriter program for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, popular since the 1990s. It was developed by US company Passport, then (upon Passport's demise) acquired and remarketed by GVOX. "Encore" is actively updated and available for general use.
a good sign that people like the show, we had a nice one there
a nice thing
The EvolutioNary Computation REpository Network. An collection of FTP servers/World Wide Web sites holding all manner of interesting things related to EC. See Q15.3 for more information.
Encore is a US pay TV network which exclusively features mainly first-run as well as past motion pictures. It is owned by Starz Entertainment, a division of Liberty Media.
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a specifically designed program of gentle land and water exercises for women who have had breast cancer surgery
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