Definitions for "All night long"
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"All Night Long (All Night)" was a 1983 hit single for Lionel Richie. Taken from his second solo album Can't Slow Down, it combined Richie's soulful Commodores style with Caribbean influences and contains an old , which received some sarcastic commentary on I Love the '80s Strikes Back. According to an episode of Reading Rainbow in which Richie guest-starred, the song's theme is about a party that lasts all night long.
All Night Long is a 1961 British film directed by Basil Dearden, and starring Patrick Mc Goohan, Richard Attenborough, Paul Harris, Keith Michell, Bernard Braden, and Betsy Blair.
All Night Long is a 1981 comedy movie starring Barbra Streisand and Gene Hackman, Diane Ladd, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Dobson, and William Daniels. Directed by Jean-Claude Tramont.
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Japanese J-Pop singer Ami Suzuki in November, 1998.
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Inspires passion