Definitions for "Clan"
Clan is a german play-per-email-game. In a fantasy world, different races fighting for resources. It is written in Java. The development is stalled until a new graphicer or a big and free repository of fantasy pictures is found.
A tribe or collection of families, united under a chieftain, regarded as having the same common ancestor, and bearing the same surname; as, the clan of Macdonald.
A clique; a sect, society, or body of persons; esp., a body of persons united by some common interest or pursuit; -- sometimes used contemptuously.
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a little different than a guild
See 'Guild (1).'
same as Guild
pods of whales with related dialects are called clans
a form of social organisation in which both, totem as well as landownership is transmitted through males only
a social level above the pod level
The Clan Crusader was a fibreglass monocoque British sports car using a rear mounted 875cc Hillman Imp Sport engine. It was first made in Washington, Co Durham, England between 1971 and 1974, but since then several efforts have been made to bring the car back to production.
a collection of PlayerKillers (PKs), united in a common cause and dedicated to follow one Leader
a collection of players united to follow and further a common cause
A player-run organization. May be RP or PK.
This article concerns the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter.
( Ecol.) A small plant community of subordinate importance but of distinctive charater, frequently the result of vegetative propagation. ( BCFT).
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a collection of lineages
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the name of a shared tradition
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a place where people help one another