Definitions for "BLOODLINE"
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ancestry of a purebred animal
a fairly recognizable, related "family tree" of dogs, usually produced by a specific kennel, or "foundation dog" from which it has its origins
Pedigree of a horse.
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Bloodline is a 1977 novel by Sidney Sheldon.
Bloodline is a thriller motion picture released in 1979. Based upon the novel Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon, it was produced by Paramount Pictures and directed by Terence Young with music by Ennio Morricone. The film was also released under the title Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline.
Bloodline is a Recoil studio album, released in April 1992. It was recorded at Konk Studio, in London, during sessions that lasted from October to November 1991. The album was produced by Alan Wilder, engineered by Steve Lyon, and assisted by Dave Eringa.
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For Requiem see Bloodlines in Vampire: The Requiem
the descendants of one individual; "his entire lineage has been warriors"
A term incorrectly used to denote a strain of rabbits.
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a fictional category of
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Grain patterns of dark red streaks typical in mahogany species.
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a type of minor clan
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a given ability that allows you to be superior to others