Definitions for "book like this"
an excellent idea, for few of Tolkien's current readers are well-versed in the medieval literature that was one of his strongest inspirations
an excellent resource for those interested in organic living, of whom there are quite a few
an excellent way to get across the "don't talk to strangers" lecture, while still being entertaining in the process
a dangerous read
a terrible price to pay for celebrity and I am embarassed to admit that I have read it
Keywords:  danton, burroughs, lifetime, find, once
a once-in-a-lifetime find," said Danton Burroughs
Keywords:  tremendous, aid
a tremendous aid
a heap of details, and I am heavily conscious of how many errors must remain
Keywords:  teen, treasure, recommend, parent, real
a real treasure and I would recommend it to any teen (or parent)
a good reminder of how much we are conditioned by our culture
a good start
a perfect opportunity to introduce college students to the world of networking
Keywords:  window, process
a window into a process