Definitions for "This book"
a drama, Alyssa lovelace whose leading personage is the Infinite
a drama, Bistro philadelphia tropez whose leading personage is the Infinite
a drama, Home theater whose leading personage is the Infinite
a comprehensive guide to all the different aspects of full spectrum and colored light therapy in mind body medicine
a comprehensive introduction to Buddhist tradition as it has developed in three major cultural areas in Asia, and to Buddhism as it is now developing in the West
an excellent introduction to the Italian language
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a book of self-control
a delightful childrens book about a little polar bear who loves adventure
a fun and informative book
a hands-on guide that is intended not just for patients who have lymphedema, but also for family and friends, parents who have children with lymphedema, medical professionals, and psychotherapists
a hands-on manual that guides business owners through the legal and practical details of forming and operating a corporation
a must for anyone, including family, caregiver, or friend who knows someone with Alzheimers
a bit light but offers a good starting point for Linux and Apache newbies
an outstanding and important reference for all afibbers, either veterans or newbies
a masterful revelation of the way that nonviolent resistance has created the power to overcome even the most extreme suppression of human rights, even the most dictatorial invasions of private life, even the most authoritarian rule
a goldmine of valuable and powerful money management tools which can be applied immediately
a significant contribution to the literature and will stimulate valuable discourse
Keywords:  miracle, blooming
a blooming miracle
Keywords:  blazer, trail
a trail blazer
Keywords:  trio, tale, teens, troubled, retired
a tale of interaction between a retired man and a trio of troubled teens
a must for anyone interested in the spiritual ways of the Seneca's as told by the granddaughter of the last recognized medicine man of the Senecas
Keywords:  tedium, exercise
an exercise in tedium
a look at how forensic science works to avoid fire disasters and how we can react in fires to save lives
an intense, detailed look on what really happens behind the curtains of the CIA
Keywords:  invaluable, reference
an invaluable reference
a severe and sobering warning to the evangelical movement in the UK
a continuation and an integral part of the international project called "Management and Entrepreneurship" and has been published with the intention to identify the basic legal conditions for doing business in Croatia
a scientific study of the landscapes and environments of Paleoindians on the Southern High Plains
a bluprint for success for either an individual or a company
Keywords:  hating, jews, classic, self, work
a classic example of a work by self-hating Jews
Keywords:  technicians, future
a must for all future technicians
a must have for anyone in business that wants good paying affluent clients
Keywords:  exciting
a not that exciting
Keywords:  congregation, 'must, have
a 'must have' for every congregation
Keywords:  reminder, gifts, big, resources, carry
a big reminder to me to use the gifts and resources I have and carry them to the next level
a collection of essays by students using assistive technology
a unique volume exploring the development of wireless and cable communications in countries of the Pacific basin
Keywords:  everyone, tired, passing, money, your
a must have if you are tired of passing out all of your money to everyone else but you
a great starting point for an understanding of yoga and what it really is
Keywords:  coming, long, time
a long time coming