Definitions for "Gifts"
Gifts, pledges grants or bequests from private sources.
Revenues received from gift or contribution nonexchange transactions. Includes bequests, promises to give (pledges), gifts from an affiliated organization or a component unit not blended or consolidated, and income from funds held in irrevocable trusts or distributable at the direction of the trustees of the trusts. Includes any contributed services recognized (recorded) by the institution. FASB and GASB standards differ somewhat on when to recognize contributions or nonexchange revenues, with FASB standards generally causing revenues to be recognized earlier in certain circumstances.
talents, skills and/or abilities that one may share with others.
Charismatic or spiritual gifts are blessings and abilities given by the Holy Spirit to believers for the building up of the body of Christ. The gifts of the Spirit serve the general good of the whole Church. It is possible to confuse spiritual gifts with natural talents and emotions, or to misuse the genuine gifts of the Holy Spirit, resulting in pride and self-righteousness. For this reason, the Orthodox Church has always stressed humility and obedience to spiritual authority in the use of the gifts. Note that the Holy Spirit Himself is a gift (Rom. 5:5), as are baptism and the other sacraments. See Rom. 12:6 8; 1 Cor. 12; 13; 1 John 3:24.
Anything of monetary value — dinner, lunch, a box of candy, tickets to a fundraiser, a pen, artwork, a reception, jewelry, etc. A gift is also something that's not quite so concrete — such as a discount, invitation to an event, entertainment, or forbearance of a loan. A gift also includes services such as free tax preparation.
Something given, a present, the act of giving, the power or right of giving. Corruption occurs when the gift is meant to, or would possibly influence, the public official.
The offerings of Bread and Wine (and Alms) presented to the celebrant at the Offertory of the Eucharist.
Advance: strategically important gifts solicited in advance of the formal public beginning of an intensive campaign to ensure a level of giving equal to the requirements of the campaign cash objective. Big, leadership, key, strategic gift: Terms used interchangeably to indicate substantial or largest gifts - generally, six or seven figured - that are required to provide the stimulus for a major campaign. Major gifts: In an intensive campaign, major refers to gifts below the level of 'big' or 'leadership' gifts and above the level of 'general' gift. General gifts: Final 5 to 20% of funds raised through a multitude of gifts from constituencies or through a wrap up mail campaign.
Outright gifts from immediate relatives are normally an acceptable source of equity. Since these do not represent arm's length transactions, care must be exercised to verify the authenticity of the transactions. Furthermore, these gifts must be documented by a letter from the donor which confirms that the money is a true gift, not a loan.
Money received from a relative or close friend to assist in the purchase of a home.
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Books donated to the library from individuals, institutions or publishers.
Bonds issued in the UK by the UK Government.
A fixed-interest security issued by the UK government.
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See ‘Transfers'.