Definitions for "newsroom"
A room where news is collected and disseminated, located in the offices of a newspaper, magazine, or news broadcast organization; as, the CBS newsroom.
A room where periodicals are sold; a reading room supplied with newspapers, magazines, etc.
An office where journalists work.
an online resource for new releases regarding company activities
an online resource to access new features, releases and updates regarding company activities around the world, community events and corporate philanthropy
an online resource to access press releases and updates regarding International Profit Associates activities, community events and our corporate philanthropy
a roiling cauldron of different cultures and conflicting priorities
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Newsroom was the BBC2 channel's main news programme during the 1960s and early 1970s.
a virtual library for reporters seeking automotive, travel and traffic safety information
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a cross-section of the people in the place in which the medium is situated
a special place
(n) 1 The place where news is written and prepared for broadcast.  2 A story or portion thereof where the reporter appears live or on tape from the newsroom.  (Also newsroomer, newsroom shot.)
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a living entity with a real enemy
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a choice of which path -- the high or the low