Definitions for "Priorities"
(1) Debts entitled to payment before general creditors in bankruptcy. (2) The right held by a creditor by virtue of a lien or security to be satisfied out of the debtor's assets before other creditors. (3) Those things which must be dealt with before others.
The order in which things appear on the screen, the graphic with the highest priority will be at the front, whilst the lowest priority will be behind it, say for example, a ship having a higher priority than the background, it would appear on top of it.
Priorities are issues that you consider more urgent than other things. Priorities can be national and set by the Government. They can also be local, agreed between local organisations or communities, or decided internally.
The Government's Priorities represent the areas of policy for focussed attention during a given term. They highlight key areas where improved results are sought.
funding sources develop annual program plans that include objectives and areas of emphasis. The areas of emphasis are called priorities, and the source awards grants for projects which most closely relate to those priorities. Priorities for federal grant programs are published in the Federal Register.
a concession to criticism of such actions
The imposed sequence s desired with respect to the scheduling of activities within previously imposed constraints. [D01246] PMK87
are the most important or necessary actions or activities needed to achieve something, often an aim or its objectives.
what you believe to be most important and put before all else