Definitions for "handout"
money or an object given in or as in a charitable gesture; -- also used of government disbursements to individuals for welfare; as, government hand-outs to welfare clients.
a printed circular distributed gratis, usually for political or advertising purposes.
a printed statement distributed, usually to the news media.
Information paper prepared by a student to accompany a Referat and handed out to his/her fellow students, Kommilitonen. The Handout contains references to scholarly works or articles related to the subject of the presentation, and is thus meant to provide Kommilitonen with additional information. Always ask what exactly is expected when preparing such a Handout.
a good idea--make it a page, as the paper really accumulates
a worksheet
A handout is any paper that you give to your audience. PowerPoint has several layout options for such handouts.
Informative or educational material given to the audience at the speaker's presentation. Handouts often are in flyer form. The term, however, refers to any material that is handed out to the audience.
Any promotional or educational material given to each audience member.
a) A handout (Out) is scored against the serving side, when the server fails to serve legally as stipulated in the rules, or when the serving side fails to return a ball legally in play. b) In the doubles game, when each of the partners has been put out, it is a sideout, except at the beginning of each game.
Loss of serve by the first partner of the doubles team.
A sheet of paper containing information, distributed to learners.
Supporting information to be used by the learner as reference material in a training program.
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giving money or food or clothing to a needy person
Typically a sheet provided to all members of group that contains vital information, a task to be completed, or other guidelines for an assignment.
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A hard copy text which supports, expands on, organises or otherwise provides follow up to a presentation or course.
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