Definitions for "BBC"
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Front bumper to back of cab dimension.
Abbreviation for "Bottom of Back Cover."
The measurement from the front bumper to back of the cab for a truck tractor.
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Bodas Bautizos y Comuniones
British Broacasting Corporation
British Broadcasting Company
The British Broadcasting Corporation, usually known as the BBC (and also informally known as the Beeb or Auntie) is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world in terms of audience numbers, employing 26,000 staff in the UK alone and with a budget of more than £4 billion.
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Beautiful Baroda Council
Burnley Borough Council
(abb.) Basic Building Code Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
Indicates request for connection-oriented service that will provide interworking (i.e. DS1 emulation) ATM only, or VP service (for switched VPs).
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Big Block Chevy See also: Big Block, SBC
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Baseband Converter.
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Basic Building Code (See BOCA).
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Bare Boat Charter
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Bald by choice.
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(2004). Key HIV-fighting genes identified . Retrieved March 30, 2005.
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Black Body Cavity