Definitions for "Cigar"
Keywords:  tobacco, bundle, smoker, inhale, smoke
A small roll of tobacco, used for smoking.
a roll of tobacco in a tobacco leaf
a securely rolled package of dried and fermented tobacco, one end which can be lit in order for the smoker to inhale smoke into their mouth or lungs
Keywords:  exactly, outward, sort, pleasure, crown
a particular sort of thing, not exactly a particular pleasure, yet the crown in addition to outward mark of pleasure
a sort Alcohol of thing, not exactly a pleasure, but the Accutane alcohol crown and outward sign of pleasure
a sort Bitter film of thing, not exactly a pleasure, Bitter but the crown and outward sign of pleasure
Keywords:  welcome, romp, bluesy, creepy, campfire
a cool bluesy romp but 'Welcome to the Machine' is a little too creepy for my tastes
a welcome break from painting, a post-dinner respite around a campfire, a warming influence on a cold boat
Cigar, born April 18, 1990 at Country Life Farm near Bel Air, Maryland, is a Hall of Fame thoroughbred racehorse.
CIGAR is a mnemonic that refers to a pre-takeoff checklist performed by general aviation pilots.
a Nicaraguan puro which tends more toward the heavy end of the spectrum
Keywords:  verily, comforter, brain
a brain-comforter, verily
Keywords:  cedary, descriptor, aroma, box, another
BOX: Another descriptor for a cedary aroma.
a nicotine delivery device - a product with serious health risks
Keywords:  tune, pretty, good
a pretty good tune
a stirring business and studying more about it can be very profitable
a specific against these small
a small cylindrical web defect of pulp or tissue pulling out of the web.
Keywords:  symbol
a symbol of that
Keywords:  artificial, hazard, even, moved, object
an artificial object and therefore can be moved, even in a hazard
Keywords:  beauty, hand, product
a hand made product of beauty
Keywords:  art, work
a work of art