Definitions for "Romp"
To play rudely and boisterously; to leap and frisk about in play.
A girl who indulges in boisterous play.
Rude, boisterous play or frolic; rough sport.
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To win easily; -- often used with over, in sports games; as, the Yankees romped over the Boston Red Sox, 10-2.
run easily and fairly fast
win easily; "romp a race"
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The ROMP or Research (Office Products Division) Micro Processor chip, also known in some circles as 032, was first in silicon in 1981 and was originally designed to be used in office products. It was intended as a follow-on to a mid-1970's processor called the "OPD Mini Processor", which was used in text editing systems such as the IBM Office System/6 and Display Writer. ROMP originally was shipped in the IBM RT/PC line, announced in 1986, and was later used in an IBM laser printer.
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an easy victory
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a girl who behaves in a boyish manner
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To go rapidly and without strained effort.