Definitions for "Bonuses"
Payments life assurance companies add to a 'with-profits' endowment. Usually made annually, possibly with a final (terminal) bonus when the endowment comes to the end of its term. Bonuses aren't guaranteed and the amount awarded can change each year.
Bonuses and/or profit-sharing allowances may be included in the income where they can be verified for the past three years at similar levels with the likelihood they will continue in the future.
In the context of an endowment policy, it is the bonuses that will give you the profits at the end of the term. This is why it is important not to cash in an endowment in the early years.
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Gazumping Possession
An extra reward paid by employers to employees either at a certain time of the year such as at Christmas, or in recognition of a good performance. The bonuses can be anything from cash to a holiday or a valuable asset.
cash payments received in addition to regular pay and are usually contingent upon achievement of specified performance objectives. Page 137
Annual tax paid income made by insurance companies and friendly societies.
Promotional features that can be found with some speciality bets and branded betting slips.