Definitions for "endowment"
Assets, property or funds bestowed upon an individual or institution for a specific...
The act of bestowing a dower, fund, or permanent provision for support.
That which is bestowed or settled on a person or an institution; property, fund, or revenue permanently appropriated to any object; as, the endowment of a church, a hospital, or a college.
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Endplates Endplay
An initiation ceremony in which a Mormon makes covenants, and is taught the secret signs believed to allow them to enter God's presence if they fulfil them.
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Assigning or setting off the widow's dower.
an asset of the school and serves to strengthen the institutions overall financial status
Awards for endowment, generally for educational institutions.
Endowment (in philosophy) refers to the innate capacities of an individual, group, or institution. An individual's "natural endowment" can be abilities, such as intelligence or strength, given at birth. An individual's "social endowment" can be abilities attributed to the individual's position within a social hierarchy.
The amount of something that a person or country simply has, rather than their having somehow to acquire it. In the H-O Model of trade theory, endowments refer to primary factors of production, ignoring the fact that some of them -- especially capital and skill -- are deliberately accumulated.
a sure way to provide continuing support --support that grows with inflation over time
a tool that builds long-term stability for organizations, reducing dependence on the success of annual fundraising to support programs and operations
a special type of restricted contribution
a wonderful way make a lasting contribution to the Law School
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natural qualities or talents
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a way for you to take an ongoing financial responsibility for some specific aspect of the work of National Day of Prayer
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A benefit payable on survival.
an authority automatically granted to the application at launch time
A repayment vehicle associated with Interest Only mortgages.
a savings account kept by a non-profit organization
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Multiple agency Unit trust
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Endowment Plan