Definitions for "Hyphen"
A mark or short dash, thus [-], placed at the end of a line which terminates with a syllable of a word, the remainder of which is carried to the next line; or between the parts of many a compound word; as in fine-leaved, clear-headed. It is also sometimes used to separate the syllables of words.
To connect with, or separate by, a hyphen, as two words or the parts of a word.
A punctuation mark (-) used to join two words together, to indicate where a word has been broken between syllables at the end of a line, or to separate parts of a compound word. Three types of hyphens are the normal hyphen, optional hyphen, and nonbreaking hyphen. Both normal hyphens and nonbreaking hyphens are visible. The normal hyphen is used as part of the normal spelling of the word. It is also termed required hyphen or hard hyphen. Nonbreaking hyphens do not permit a line break. That is, the word cannot be broken into parts at the end of a line. An optional hyphen only appears if a word is split between syllables at the end of a line. It is also called a discretionary hyphen or soft hyphen. See also DASH EM DASH NONBREAKING HYPHEN REQUIRED HYPHEN SYLLABLE
Hyphen is a nationally-distributed, independent Asian American magazine aimed at 20 and 30-something year-olds. The name of the magazine comes from a debate over the use of hyphens in denoting ethnic Americans. (Contrary to its name, it is Hyphen magazine's stance not use the hyphen in such denotions.)
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This is the character "-".
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Revise / Revision
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an innocuous device that is a good friend to all who set type
an acceptable alternative to a comma