Definitions for "Eisegesis"
The process of taking a preconceived belief and interpreting a biblical passage in a way that supports that belief. This is a very common phenomenon, although the interpreter is not generally conscious of the process.
Eisegesis is from the Greek [ eicegesis] meaning 'a bringing in.' It's root is from the two Greek words eis, meaning 'into,' and hegeisthai, meaning 'to lead.' i.e., to lead into, or by implication, the interpretation of a text by reading extraneous ideas into it (as opposed to exegesis). A system of explanation often used to make scripture subject to more than one interpretation. [ back
(EI·se·GE·sis). An active form of misrepresentation, eisegesis is the rendering of the meaning of a word or text by reading into it one's own ideas, bias, and the like, rather than the meaning of the word or text in its initial context.