Definitions for "Kilo"
Keywords:  mega, prefix, metric, giga, thousand
An abbreviation of Kilogram.
(k) = thousand = 1000 = 10 (see Micros, Millis, Megas and Measurements)
A prefix meaning a multiple of 1 000 (xl 03).
Keywords:  kva, amperes
Kilobar (kb) Kilovolt-Amperes (kva)
Keywords:  omens, watch
to watch for omens
Keywords:  marijuana, key
a "key" of marijuana
Keywords:  phonetic, military, letter
military phonetic for the letter 'K'
Keywords:  litres, power, water
10 to the power of 3, or 1000. So a kilolitre of water is 1000 litres.
Keywords:  pounds
2.2 pounds
Keywords:  equal, grams, bytes, binary, capacity
Unit of binary measurement, equal to 1,024.
1,000. When referring to the memory capacity of a computer, it is equal to 210 or 1,024 bytes of data.
Unit of measure equal to 100 grams
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Short for Kilogram.
Keywords:  refers
Refers to 1,000.