Definitions for "Tera"
(T) = million million 1,000,000,000,000 = 10 12 (see Micros, Millis, Megas and Measurements)
Abbreviated T. A prefix meaning base 10 to the power of 12 million in the American numbering system, 1 million million in British numbering.
1012 or trillions of ... (e.g., terabits, teraflops)
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(- dera) Buddhist temple
o-tera or -dera Buddhist temple.
A Buddhist temple.
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trackball Turion
Tera (Australia) was a Commodore 64 software production group, formed in 1989 by the merging of Tour de Future (Australia) and Reflex (Australia). The group developed leading and lasting reputation in the international Commodore 64 scene, based upon high quality software releases, notably a world-record RLE packer, continuance of the famous notemaker series and quality demos. From late 1989 across 1990, the group gained a bulletin board in the United States and members in Europe admist further expansion in Australia, but rapidly lost steam and by 1991 was alive only in name, to formally declare itself dead in 1992.
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TERA is a shielded connector for use with Category 7 twisted-pair data cables, developed by The Siemon Company and standardised in 2003 by IEC 61076-3-104. The latest revision of the standard (published in 2006) has extended the characterized performance up to 1000 MHz.
Parabolic sides, flat cross blades baffle, aluminum
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a three-tone Chadic language
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Total Energy Resource Analysis