Definitions for "temple"
One of the side bars of a pair of spectacles, jointed to the bows, and passing one on either side of the head to hold the spectacles in place.
A place or edifice dedicated to the worship of some deity; as, the temple of Jupiter at Athens, or of Juggernaut in India.
The edifice erected at Jerusalem for the worship of Jehovah.
a living history book of Daoist culture, the witness of its repeated changes and the embodiment of its tenacious vitality
an existential embodiment of the feeling of not being able to live without you
The space, on either side of the head, back of the eye and forehead, above the zygomatic arch and in front of the ear.
the flat area on either side of the forehead; "the veins in his temple throbbed"
In Imperial Rome, the structure used for religious ritual of the priests, and either rectangular or round in plan. The earlier rectangular plan temples have bearing walls. The round Pantheon employs an arcuated system for enclosing the space. Both forms stood on podiums and were meant to be approached only from the front.
Temple is a thriller novel written by Australian author Matthew Reilly and first published in 1999. Like Reilly's other books, Temple's major attraction is unbelievably complex action scenes.
The Temple of the Great Dragon, in Telantha; considered to be one of the wonders of the world, and home of the Church of the Golden Faith, a Cymuric sect.
a great local neighborhood, with schools
Parish Church
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The “arm” or “wing” of a pair of glasses, running from behind the ear to the lens area.
The "arm" of a pair of glasses, running from the ear to the lens area. titanium A type of metal alloy that is very strong. Eyeglasses made of titanium are lightweight and durable and often hypo-allergenic.
Short for Temple of Attal'Hakkar, a 50+ instance in the Swamp of Sorrows
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Region on the top of the head behind each eye (see also vertex and gena). [drawing][photo
Temple indicates the side of the head behind the eyes. The bone beneath is the temporal bone.
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Cathedral Age
A contrivence used in a loom for keeping the web stretched transversely.
a structure reserved for re
a symmetric structure with a mandelbrot child in its center
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a landscape of the soul
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A local organization of Odd Fellows.
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Temple is a Christian Rock band.
Temple provides a system for managing various kinds of templates from the command line. Written in perl, it provides a flexible way of managing defaults for various kinds of documents, such as C programs or HTML source, while easily allowing parameter
an integrated entity of these concepts or their reflections
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a container for that which can not be contained