Definitions for "VEINS"
Large, thin-walled vessels that direct dexygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart.
Veins are tubes inside the body that bring the blood back to the heart. They are bigger than capillaries.
channels through which fluid flows toward the heart.
In a tobacco leaf, the bundles of tissue that extend from the stem and form the framework of the blade.
Ribs of a leaf; vascular bundles on a leaf.
thread-like vascular tissues in a leaf.
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Tubes which take water to each and every cell of the plant. The veins help to strengthen and support the plant.
In insects, the rib like tubes that strengthen the wings.
Veins are the rib-like tubes in insect wings (including butterflies and moths) that support the wings and bring nourishment to them.
A discontinuity on the surface of a casting appearing as a raised, narrow, linear ridge that forms upon cracking of the sand mold or core due to expansion of the sand during filling of the mold with molten metal. See Defect.
Thin body of mineral such as quartz, intruded through a rock, usually following structural weaknesses such as joints.