Definitions for "Essenes"
Keywords:  qumran, ascetic, sect, jewish, judaism
Essenes: a community of religious people who played an important role in the life of Jesus Christ. The name Essene means "expectancy," referring to their expectancy of the coming of the Messiah. They were students of astrology, numerology, phrenology, reincarnation and prophesy, who believed that by strict observance of spiritual law they could purify themselves so the Messiah might enter the Earth plane and take on a physical body. According to the readings of Edgar Cayce, they prepared Mary to be the mother of Jesus who played an important role in educating Jesus.
One of the three orders of Jews during the Second Temple Period; a separatist group that formed an ascetic monastic community and, in response to apocalyptic visions, retreated to the wilderness.
A Jewish sect believed to be responsible for the Qumran library.