Definitions for "Luxembourg"
the capital and largest city of Luxembourg
a grand duchy (a constitutional monarchy) landlocked in northwestern Europe between France and Belgium and Germany; an international financial center
Luxembourg are a British band who release their material through Dogbox Records. They are an indie five-piece consisting of David Shah (lead singer), Rob Britton (guitar), Alex Potterill (keyboards), Jon Bacon (bass) and Steve Brummell (drums). They have been likened to Pulp, The Smiths and Roxy Music and have been described as "pop noir".
Luxembourg is the fourth album by The Bluetones. It was released on 12 May, 2003 on Universal Records. It was re-issued on Cooking Vinyl on 15 May, 2006.
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P&T Luxembourg Verizon
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LUXGSM Website
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Government of Luxembourg Ministry of Economy Ministry of Finance Administration of Customs and Excise Central Service of Statistics and Economic Studies
A1 The steady political and economic environment has positive effects on an already good payment record of companies. Very weak default probability.
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No No No No PR (list) Multi Parliamentary
Monthly earnings - Industry, excluding construction
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Luxembourg's e-government pages. Site in French.