Definitions for "Ombudsman"
A person whose occupation consists of investigating customer complaints against his or her employer. Many governments have ombudsmen who will investigate citizen complaints against government services.
A person with power to investigate complaints. A government ombudsman investigates complaints about government and reports directly to parliament.• Complaints• Public Housing• Whistleblowers
The Ombudsman visits the nursing home on a regular basis. It is their job to mediate disputes, investigate complaints and be an advocate for residents. Back to the Top
a highly trained volunteer able to offer support and guidance to command families and acts as an official liaison between the command and the command families
a liaison between the command and the dependent family
a liaison between the families and the Command
a neutral party that works to ensure that bureaucracies function fairly and provide equitable treatment
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a source of information and outreach
a user specified to handle site-wide issues, and to enforce the rules of the site
The National Ombudsman and the Fairness Boards will receive comments about federal compliance and enforcement activities from small businesses, and report these findings to Congress every year. The report will give each agency a kind of "customer satisfaction rating" by evaluating the enforcement activities of regulatory agency personnel and rating the regional and program offices of the regulatory agencies responsiveness to small business.
A designee of the Contracts Executive that ensures fairness in the award of Task Orders.
a person who is paid by the newspaper to assess that paper's coverage, often critically
a hybrid who is not quite management and not entirely labor
a Division employee who can assist you before and during any conference or hearing you attend
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a means of two-way communication
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See Financial Ombudsman
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see Ombuds