Definitions for "NBC"
The National Broadcasting Company was founded in 1926 by General Electric, RCA, and Westinghouse. RCA became the sole owner of NBC in 1932. In 1986, RCA was purchased by General Electric, which today wholly owns and operates NBC. NBC's television network includes NBC, Telemundo, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC and more. Back to previous
National Benefits Center (formerly the "Missouri Service Center").
See National Board Certification.
uclear, iological, and hemical warfare. Home
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Nasobiliary Catheter
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New bear caves
New Bunker Charge.
New Broadway Cast. Refers to the recording of a revived musical by the revival cast.
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seaQuest 2032 Dateline NBC Law & Order
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Newfoundland Base Command
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Nuclear, Biological & Chemical
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See Network Buffer Cache.