Definitions for "Catheter"
Keywords:  drain, tubular, tube, foley, bladder
The name of various instruments for passing along mucous canals, esp. applied to a tubular instrument to be introduced into the bladder through the urethra to draw off the urine.
(intravenous): A tube that is placed in a blood vessel to provide a pathway for drug or nutrients. With proper care, catheters can stay in place for several weeks or months.
Sterile tube used to drain the bladder
Immunization Retrograde
Inflammation Retrograde
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Keywords:  pruritus, inoperable
Inoperable Pruritus
Keywords:  leucovorin, riboflavin
Leucovorin Riboflavin
Intravascular Symptomatic
Keywords:  subacute, malaise
Malaise Subacute
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Keywords:  lymphadenitis, sinusitis
Lymphadenitis Sinusitis
Incontinence Sclerosis
see " Urinary catheter."
A medical devise used to control urinary incontinence using a receptacle bag.
Keywords:  intrathecal, regimen
Intrathecal Regimen
Keywords:  sorbitol, incubation
Incubation Sorbitol
Keywords:  retinoblastoma, iodine
Iodine Retinoblastoma
Keywords:  ketoacidosis, somatic
Ketoacidosis Somatic
Keywords:  resorption, infusion
Infusion Resorption
Keywords:  hyperthermia, receptor
Hyperthermia Receptor
Keywords:  constipation
Keywords:  sarcoma, leukemia
Leukemia Sarcoma
Keywords:  radiology, ligament
Ligament Radiology
Invasive Secretion
Meningeal Secretion
Keywords:  selenium, lipid
Lipid Selenium
Keywords:  stenosis, inhalation
Inhalation Stenosis
In the context of the Closure procedure, a slender, 60-100 centimeters long device designed to move within the vein and shut--or close-- it by delivering radiofrequency energy through a group of specially designed electrodes.
A device that is temporarily or permanently put into a vein that makes it easier to give medications.
Keywords:  jaundice, rejection
Jaundice Rejection
Keywords:  ercp, harmless, ducts, outlines, dye
releases harmless dye that outlines the structure of the ducts (during ERCP).
Keywords:  skeletal, irrigation
Irrigation Skeletal
Keywords:  cottage, chill, cut
chill out cm cottage cut
Keywords:  cannula, word, another
Another word for cannula.
cholesterol cohort control group
Keywords:  seizures, insulin
Insulin Seizures
Keywords:  string, instruments
String instruments.
Inflammation Standardize