Definitions for "MOO "
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This project aims to further develop the programming language MOO as implemented in the LambdaMOO Server
One of the things I do too much of. MOO is an online, interactive, user-modifiable and extendable, text-based environment. I help run three different educational MOOs (one of those on a very part-time basis), and one social MOO. I also have characters on more other MOOs than I really care to count, but I only log in regularly to about ten or so. See? I told you I did too much of this stuff. (10/2002) I don't do nearly as much of it now as I did when this journal started but it's still a part of my life and I still have good friends there, but it's been a long time since I made any new friends through the medium so I expect the downward trend will continue.
Multi-user dimension, Object-Oriented. MOOs are a form of synchronous communication, similar to Chat rooms, with users communicating through the keyboard. MOOs are a very simple type of virtual reality, and users can pick up objects and navigate around rooms by typing in special commands. Although users communicate through text, it is possible to add images to MOOs. MOOs and MUDs have their origins in role-playing games. To find out more, read Lee et al. (1999) Guide to Online Teaching: Existing Tools and Projects.
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To make the noise of a cow; to low; -- a child's word.
The lowing of a cow.
Gingerbread - S3 - Mothers Opposed to the Occult, group that Joyce Summers leads, that attempt to burn Buffy, Willow and Amy at the stake.
Master Moo (known as Muu in Japan), more commonly known as Moo, is a fictional character in the Monster Rancher anime. He is the major antagonist in the entire show, and an extremely evil villain. He bears no redeeming qualities, and is shown as a personification of evil; his demonic form, his method of seducing monsters, and his ability to derive strength from hatred, all give him an undeniable similarity to the devil.
A plaintive sound that Mark Morrison has been known to make when unhappy. Also heard after dark at NuCon.
The mailing list for announcements and news in the Barony of Stierbach. Contact the baronial webminister to find out how to join the mailing list.
Market on Open. Buying or selling within the opening range of the trading day.
Market order at opening; a market order entered before an opening, to be executed at the instrument's opening price only.
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Medical Office Online
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See Mo.