Definitions for "Derby"
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A race for three-old horses, run annually at Epsom (near London), for the Derby stakes. It was instituted by the 12th Earl of Derby, in 1780.
A stakes event for 3 year olds.
(noun) To ride around in a circle with a beer in one hand,steering with the other, trying to knock your friends off their bikes. Classic game of destruction and good times. A game initiated by the Koski brothers of Marin County, whose parents owned a bike shop.
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A stiff felt hat with a dome-shaped crown.
a man's stiff felt hat with dome-shaped crown and narrow brim.
A hat with a high, round crown and a upturned brim. Most commonly a dress hat for men, but popularized for women by Marlene Dietrich in the 1930’s.
A decorative part inserted in the end of a cap (usually more elaborate than a tassie or jewel)
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Derby 10.1 pure Java, based on, but not complaint with, standards. Free and open source. n/a from Apache gift of IBM. Small and pure-Java, so can be embedded in an application that needs a small DBMS. It is the open source version of Cloudscape.
a recreational event that offers family members the opportunity to get out on the water and learn by doing
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Proposed first seat of government in B.C.