Definitions for "Cloche"
Keywords:  hat, brim, eyebrows, felt, fits
a woman's close-fitting helmetlike hat.
( French word for bell ) Soft style of the 1920's, fashioned from a hood of chiffon or handkerchief felt. Hat that covered the head to the neck in back; it came to the eyebrows in front. A flapper age, boyish style.
a close fitting felt hat, globular in shape.
Keywords:  frost, sowing, cold, garden, plastic
a low transparent cover put over young plants to protect them from cold.
This is a cover for protecting plants from the cold. In the early 19th century it was more popular, being bell shaped. Now, more conventional models are in all the catalogs.
Small glass or plastic cone which can be placed over plants to protect them from frost, rain or, when propagating, to encourage growth and root development
An apparatus used in controlling certain kinds of aëroplanes, and consisting principally of a steering column mounted with a universal joint at the base, which is bellshaped and has attached to it the cables for controlling the wing-warping devices, elevator planes, and the like.
Chinensis Chinese in origin (see Sinensis also)