Definitions for "Cockade"
Keywords:  rosette, hat, ribbon, livery, ornament
A badge, usually in the form of a rosette, or knot, and generally worn upon the hat; -- used as an indication of military or naval service, or party allegiance, and in England as a part of the livery to indicate that the wearer is the servant of a military or naval officer.
A rosette used to hold up the cocked brim of a hat, or to display colors indicating rank, nationality or party affiliation. The cockade could be of wool or silk ribbon, leather, or even painted metal.
an ornament (such as a knot of ribbon or a rosette) usually worn on the hat
Operational code name for Allied deception operations intended to draw attention away from Normandy prior to D-Day
Keywords:  emblem, oval, wearer, star, round
a specific type of emblem that is usually round or oval in shape and displays the wearer's national colors or device (like a Red Star)