Definitions for "MPO"
Metropolitan Planning Organizations are nonprofits organizations around the nation that work to improve metropolitan transportation systems.
Metro Planning Organizations
Metropolitan Planning Organizations - Federally designated organizations for urbanized areas of greater than 200,000 population mandated to carry out the transportation planning process required by TEA-21. MTC (see next) is the MPO for the nine Bay Area counties.
Mobile Post Office. Portable mail-handling equipment and personnel, generally in railroad cars, streetcars, trucks or buses.
military post office. A branch of a U.S. civil post office operated by the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps to serve military personnel overseas or aboard ships. Also see army post office and fleet post office.
see Mobile Post Office.
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Connector The MPO connector houses an MT ferrule, and so can provide for upwards of twelve fibers in a single connector. Like an MTP(tm), MPO connectors operate with a simple push-pull latching mechanism and intuitive insertion. MPO's may be polished flat or at an 8o angle.
Maximum Power Output. The maximum output level the instrument will produce in decibels sound pressure level (dB SPL).