Definitions for "LCP"
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See see Link Control Protocol..
In the Point to Point Protocol (PPP), the Link Control Protocol (LCP) establishes, configures, and tests data link Internet connections.
Link Control Protocol. A protocol that establishes, configures, and tests the integrity of a data-link connection.
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See Letter Carrier Presort. (tri préliminaire par itinéraire de facteur – TPIF)
letter carrier pre-sort. Sortation of records according to Canada Post postal walks (designated postal carrier routes).
Liquid Crystalline Polymer, a relatively new dielectric substrate used in the manufacture of flex circuits.
Liquid Crystal Polymer. A type of plastic material of high crystallinity with excellent high temperature applications, very high strength, and excellent chemical resistance. One disadvantage is the high cost compared to other standard connector materials. The name is taken from the persistence of "crystals" in the liquid or molten state of the material in the molding process, creating high crystallinity in the final molded part.
linear complementarity problem
Large Character Printer. Inkjet demand type printing systems used to print the large characters or images on the side of consolidated shipping cartons i.e. corrugated cartons. Since the primary technology for printing large characters on the side of corrugated boxes was the valve jet, its often used as an abbreviation for a valve jet technology based printing system.
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MPCA Closed Landfills Priority List
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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Landing craft, personnel (ramp)
Load Changing Points
Literacy Completion Point